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Jamaicans In Nottingham:
Narratives and Reflections

Jamaicans in Nottingham: Narratives and Reflections is a unique collection of personal and reflective interviews and articles that presents narratives of ‘life in Nottingham’, from individuals of Jamaican heritage, who have contributed to the spirit and life of the city and its surrounding areas from the 1940s to the present day.

Norma Gregory, historian and author, strives to capture through diligent interviews, research and images, the ‘voices’ and narratives of many Jamaicans moving from their ‘island in the sun’ to live, work and to rebuild Britain, after the devastation caused by WW1 and WW2.

As an educational, non-fiction text, this volume contributes to the growing new researches into modern African Caribbean British social contexts. It is a rich cultural resource, expressed through their descriptive, simplistic and ‘digestible’ style of the English language and their references to significant events in the history of Nottingham including the Nottingham Race Riots of 1958 and 1981, the coal miners' strikes in the 1970s and 1980s, references to the origins of the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival and the origins of the West Indian social club and meeting point in Nottingham from the mid 1970s, called the African Caribbean National Artistic (ACNA) Centre.
Published by Hansib Publications and Nottingham News Centre (2015).

A valuable resource and record of narratives and reflections charting the stories of many Jamaicans who have made a difference, in a way as to value their own experiences, especially in the wake of the paramount importance of adding a dash of tropical flavour to Nottingham as well as helping to shape the rich fabric of its cross-cultural social history. An excellent read!” Pitman Browne, author, poet and historian.

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Crooked Carousel: Selected Poetry

Crooked Carousel is a thought-provoking and passionate poetry collection, expressing black womanist experiences through poetic imagery of life as a ‘crooked carousel’.
This poetry collection aims to capture and vocalise heightened experiences of ‘African Caribbean British womanness’ and the aftermaths of yearning and having too much of our desires in displaced relationships as well as in cultural, social, political and religious contexts.

The tone of this poetry edition is packed with poetic expressions of repressed inner conflict, abandonment, passion and unanswered questions about life; yet encompassing language reflecting a sense of acceptance, realisation and inner peace.

The poems draw on experiential literary, cultural and theological influences to create poetry that expresses loves ‘neediness,’ a black woman's desire and thirst for knowledge; the comprehension and appreciation of those experiences, through spirituality and personal enlightenment.

Crooked Carousel offers a sense of restraint, juxtaposed with feelings of repressed passion and the desire for psychological, physical and spiritual outbursts - a voice of a spirit ensnared and chained by inexperience and inequality, as a second-generation black, British woman with a passion for life and love.

A must read for readers of black womanist/feminist literature and those interested in the transformational power of self-awareness, resilience and celebration of woman.

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(Author signed copy).

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